Loose Ends -- My Weaving Gallery 

Take a peek inside the process of weaving and see how  it all comes together into something beautiful.

A set of colorful napkins.

Handwoven Runner ready for the shop.

Warp is created for a rainbow scarf order.

Warping the loom with the rainbow. Heddles about to be threaded.

My most complex pattern so far woven into a wonderful table runner.

Modeling a new table runner for Etsy Pictures.

Bookmarks that I wove for Christmas Presents

One of my table runners in its forever home.

New pillow sham fabric is cut off the loom.

Blocking a lace scarf to ensure the open weave areas stay open when dry.

Rainbow placemats fresh off the loom. They have not yet been cut apart as you can see in the photo.

Twisted Fringe Sample

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